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Why Improtech?

At Improtech Soccer, we provide high quality football coaching for young people aiming to progress to the highest level they can in the game.

To help young people achieve their footballing goals, we’ve developed the concept of specialist UEFA Pro License level coaching within the education system.

Our football academies are delivered within selected schools and our unique approach means young people receive high quality coaching, without compromising their academic progress.

We improve technique and develop the qualities needed for the modern-day young aspiring footballer, by using a rounded, holistic approach to a scholars’ development. We equip our young people with not only the skills on a football pitch but those that serve them well throughout life.

Our numbers speak for themselves, as hundreds of players have gone on to benefit from our system.

Welcome to Improtech Soccer. 



Unlike traditional football academies and coaching, we have designed a high-quality coaching system that fits seamlessly into a school curriculum, delivering the highest quality football coaching while allowing and encouraging students to continue to progress academically.


At Improtech we strive not only to make the most of a young player’s ability but also to shape a character and person that they and their parents can be proud of.

Not every player who comes through Improtech Soccer can be the next Lionel Messi. But you CAN be the best footballer YOU can be. and have fun getting there !!!

It is up to the individual player to get to where they want to be, but at Improtech Soccer, our coaches will give them the tools, both on the pitch and off it, to get where they want to be.


We’re firm believers in the concept of the 10,000-hour rule, an idea from Swedish scientist and philosopher Anders Ericsson. His theory suggests that it takes 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to achieve mastery in any skill – football included.

We’ve woven this theory throughout our coaching. We are not driven by a focus on short-term results. Although initial progress can be rapid, especially for new players, our academies are long-term development programmes.


During each session, a huge emphasis is placed on players spending time on the ball and having as many touches as possible. Each player is treated as an individual within a collective environment.

To achieve the goals of our players, our elite coaching team has designed 3,000 bespoke training sessions to maximize the development of the individual.


Since launching in one school we have expanded into Sunderland College, English Martyrs School, Hartlepool, St Bedes Catholic school and Byron 6th Form, Peterlee , St Joseph’s Catholic Academy, South Tyneside.

Get in touch if you, your school or your child would like to be a part of our growing story.

A confident player is a successful person. Through our coaching, players learn how to play with purpose, with a confidence that they take with them throughout wherever life takes them.

Not every pass goes where it should. Not every shot is on target. Not every save prevents a goal.

Through the drive and disciple instilled in our players, we teach them not only how to succeed but how to play on when things aren’t clicking and how to keep going.

To succeed in football, to really make the most of your talent, you need more than pure skill and ability – something any good coach or manager will tell you.

We encourage all our young players to show dedication and concentration and we support their development every step of the way

Good communication is a vital part of life.

Through our coaching, players learn how to communicate well, both on and off the pitch.

By being a part of our Academies, our players learn valuable healthy habits and wellbeing lessons that we believe will stay with them throughout life.

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