the soccer camp

IMPROTECH Soccer Elite looks to hosts a major Summer Soccer Camp every year in the North East, giving our players the chance to hone their game, showcase their skills and be seen by the Academy coaches of our big three regional clubs.

Our last camp took place at the prestigious Slaley Hall Hotel in Northumberland with the event taking place over four consecutive days.

For the second year in a row, Improtech Soccer teams took part in competitive games against the Academy sides of Newcastle United, Sunderland AFC and Middlesbrough. And once again, our leading North East clubs were delighted with the competitiveness of the matches and pleased with the opportunity to run the rule over our players.

The camps allow young players to intensively develop their game through training and games while also developing life skills as part of their stay – such as how to conduct themselves responsibly and professionally at all times. Improtech adopts a work hard, play hard approach and have organised paint-balling sessions, swimming and various non-football competitions for players to enjoy and relax in their downtime. Our last camp, for example, involved a chill-out games room facility including pool and table tennis.

We do this because the North East lacks the platform that other parts of the country have to showcase talent.

Every year dozens of prospective young footballers from our region travel hundreds of miles to summer soccer camps – and that can’t be right, can it? They journey to big residential camps in the south of England, the Midlands and the North West for the sake of an important opportunity. There has been nothing like those sorts of events in the North East of England previously.

The annual soccer camps we held helped address that issue with dozens of players able to experience and enjoy a residential football stay in the North  East. And after the fantastic feedback we received from the previous events, we are exploring ways of expanding the service we know appeals to so many in the region.

Future camps will look to deliver specialist coaching sessions, one-on-one consultations, fitness and strength training, dietary and injury prevention advice from nutritionists and physiotherapists, the experience of media training and of course practice, practice, practice.

With the support of top coaches and former professionals, there is the opportunity for sustained, high-quality training, coupled with competitive games and the chance to be spotted by regional and national scouts – all provided on the doorstep in the North East, where friends and family are welcome to visit and support.

At Improtech Soccer we want to be the best in whatever field we enter and having proven ourselves capable of delivering a fantastic and professional soccer camp experience, this is an area the company is actively looking to expand on in the years ahead.

Our soccer camps are specifically aimed at pushing potential players one step closer to finding a professional football club and each event is run and delivered by the Improtech team.


Players in training