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IMPROTECH saw the need for specialised training in technical development in order to give young prospects the best chance of becoming professional footballers. Rather than a case of going through the motions of drills and exercises, Improtech is about focus, evaluation and enjoyment.

Rather than just practice, we’re about best practice; rather than just training, it’s about training in the most effective way possible. And to achieve that goal, we’ve delivered a revolutionary approach to football coaching which is all about ensuring the technical development of a player in a friendly, supportive environment. Each player we take on becomes an individual project for our coaches, with the coaches’ task being to make the very best out of that individual.

Our MD, Martin Scott, was a Premier League player on the verge of an England call-up before injuries led to his retirement. But he took the same determination and desire he had as a footballer into his coaching career, achieving the highest qualification possible. And now North East footballing prospects are benefiting from his experience as a dedicated player and an innovative coach. Six years on from its inception, Improtech has proven itself a success. And with Improtech youngsters going on trials at clubs as big as Manchester City, Arsenal, Stoke City, Sunderland, Newcastle United and Middlesbrough, and many being picked up by clubs and academies further down the football pyramid, our successful system is expanding across the North East.

the technical soccer specialists

IMPROTECH Soccer provides the perfect preparation for aspiring professional footballers. Young players learn the best habits, the best techniques and the best way to improve their game, thanks to specialist training from former Premier League player Martin Scott – now one of the country’s most highly-qualified coaches, and his team. Improtech delivers results too – Premier League clubs Sunderland and Newcastle United can testify to that, and North East neighbours Middlesbrough and Hartlepool United would agree.

Players in training

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Our aim is to produce players for the professional game in increasing numbers and equip them with the tools needed to realise their full potential. Improtech offers a unique method of coaching for the elite soccer player, which will improve football technique in a professional, relaxed, educationally-based environment. We are looking to develop players who will be consistently ranked among the best in the country.

An Improtech Soccer Elite Academy is characterised by the quality of the coaching and support staff and defined by the quality of the environment both in terms of the education, facilities and infrastructure. That same ethos continues in our soccer courses and our summer soccer camp.

Scientists suggest elite sports professionals need to invest 10,000 hours in training to achieve mastery. And our system aims to help the elite performer get the 10,000 hours of deliberate, deep practice needed to bring out their very best. We strive to produce technically gifted players who are tactically astute and independent decision makers, fully equipped with all that is needed for a successful career as a professional footballer. Our long-term goal is to get as many players from within our system to sign professional scholarships at professional clubs when they leave us at our Elite Academies at the end of year 11. Beyond that, we are looking to develop players in the 16-19-year age range to ensure later developers can thrive, and promising players can reach that final step a little later than some

We are passionate about producing footballers capable of playing top-level modern football.



OUR aim is to encourage players to play with freedom and flair in a supportive environment with technical development being at the forefront of all of our coaching sessions.

We want ALL of our young players to enjoy being as skillful as possible and understand the need for purposeful deep practice and the role this plays in everyone’s quest for excellence. We want all our players to enjoy themselves too – it’s important to remember that football equals fun.

But on the serious side we are looking to develop the Elite Academy Player into professional footballers who not only have good moral values but also a discipline, drive and a professional attitude to succeed.

Non-academy players will also be encouraged to develop their individual technical skills to help them improve and hopefully progress to a level where academies will show an interest in taking them into the academy system. Improtech Soccer delivers a revolutionary approach to football coaching that specialises in technical development in an enjoyable, high-tempo environment and we are delighted to be making a serious impact on the North East soccer scene.  We train youngsters from ages 5 to 19, with many of our players being picked up by professional football clubs in the region.

Check out the information around the site to find out more about us and our home page for the latest news, information and courses.

If you think your child has potential as a footballer and also has the desire to be a player, why not bring him along to Improtech training sessions – it could be the best decision you ever make.

be part of the success story…

Devised by Martin Scott seven years ago Improtech Soccer bore fruit within the school system from the start, shaping, developing and improving young talent.

The company has now expanded into Sunderland College, English Martyrs Secondary School, Hartlepool and St Bede’s Comprehensive in Peterlee. Further growth is in the pipeline.

Scott is one of less than 200 UEFA Pro-licence holders in England – the same licence held by Mourinho, Wenger and Van Gaal – which allows the holder to coach Premier League level footballers. And Martin put that invaluable experience to good use when he developed Improtech – a comprehensive and innovative approach to footballing development aimed at improving players from the age of five to 19 years by focusing on technique and quality practice over the long term.

In the very first year of Improtech, two students were taken on by football academies. Since the number of players found places at professional football clubs has reache double figures annually. If you’ve got ability coupled with dedication and desire, you could become part of that growing band of graduates who have thanked Improtech for making their football dreams come true.

be the best you can be…

Not every player who comes through Improtech Soccer can be the next Lionel Messi. But you CAN be the best footballer YOU can be.

And at Improtech we strive not only to make the most of a young player’s ability but also to mould a character and person that they and their parents can be proud of. Any top coach or manager will tell you that to succeed in football, to really make the most of your talent, you need more than pure skill and ability.

You also need discipline and drive and a professional attitude focused on personal achievement – qualities that you can learn from the game and qualities which also stand you in good stead outside the game. We encourage all our young players to show dedication and concentration and we support their development every step of the way – both in our courses and throughout the years our youngsters spend in the Academy system. That way, even if a young player does not develop into a footballing superstar, they’ll still know they made the most of their natural abilities and improved themselves as a player, AND as a person.